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the Melt challenge

In Just for fun on June 2, 2011 at 11:38 PM

The Man Vs Food guy, Adam Richman, came to Cleveland a while back and took the Melt Challenge. You can check out the video here:

3 slices of bread, all 13 cheeses, and a heaping pile of fries and slaw. Altogether, it’s about 5 pounds of food including almost 3.5 pounds of cheese. Giving dangerously cheesy a whole new meaning.

After hearing about this challenge (and Adam Richman’s success), my friend Todd decided to try to attempt it. So yesterday a few of us went up to Melt, although only Todd planned on tackling the big cheese. Melt is always pretty packed so we wound up sitting around or a while, taking in the eclectic mix of decorations, from xmas and easter lawn ornaments to video game posters and more traditional beer ads. Our menus were pasted on the backside of old record sleeves, a nice touch.

Our waiter gave it his best shot to dissuade Todd from taking the challenge, including vague warnings about the hazards of mixing so may diffferent cheeses together. Undeterred, Todd ordered his $22 challenge plate (and a pepsi). I went for the Parmageddon, which included a couple of potatoe and cheese peirogies  slipped right into my grilled cheese. Pretty delicious.

By the time Todd’s plate was up the rest of us had finished – all we could do was watch his steady descent into extreme discomfort. I say he was doomed form the start – he had filled up on Pepsi and was immediately reluctant to “dive in”. He insisted on using a fork and knife to tackle the sandwich even though the cheese was getting harder every minute. Speed was the name of the game, hadn’t he seen Man vs Food? Well, as it turns out, Todd hadn’t even watched that episode. Jesus, Todd.

After about an hour he had succeeded in taking in about half of the sandwich, one gooey mouthfull at a time, but he had barely skimmed the top layer off the fries, let alone the slaw, Worst of all, every minute the cheese was becoming more and mor elike a solid brick wedged between greasy slices of bread. After about twenty more painful minutes of groaning and pecking Todd called it quits. In the end, he had barely finished half of the challenge. I scored big on leftovers though.

I guess it just goes to show you that you can’t walk into these things cold – serious training is a must. I would suggest throwing down about a pound of cheese a day before attempting this challenge, the more variety the better. And also, do wind sprints. Cus you know, calories.